The quarry of Ceppo di Gré (Ceppo del Lago d'Iseo)

   The quarry is a natural resource. Only the ingenuity and the ability of the man has allowed to bring to light raw materials with unique and exclusive technical and chromatic characteristics. 


   Our experience and passion for our own work, respect for the environment in which we live and the traditions handed down through four generations allow us to have the capacity and potential to address orders and projects of great dimensions. 


   Since 1993 Marini Marmi has decided to extract the material from underground quarry, thanks to the use of modern diamond chainsaws. These important investments have allowed us to obtain a stone with superior technical characteristics compared to the previous stone coming from the open-air quarry. The reduction of the impact on the environment and the possibility to organize better the extraction procedure will guarantee us in the future a good integration with other activities in our territory. 


   The Authority for the quarries in the province of Bergamo allows an annual Ceppo di Gré production of 3500 m3 of commercial use material, with available reserves for the next ten years of over 130000 m3.