The Workshop

fresa in fase di taglio


   Our workshop was built in 1951, on the walls of the old factory built by Giuseppe Marini in the 20's, it lies between the road the ex "S.S.469 Sebina Occidentale" and the Lake Iseo, with a covered area of about 2000 sqm.
   Inside, takes place the entire productive process of the transformation of the Ceppo of Gré and the working of Aggloceppo®.
   The blocks are sawed using three multiblade gang saws and one monoblade frame saw, producing slabs with minimum thickness of 2 cm.
   Later the rough slabs are cut, following the order list, drawings and shapes, to realize the different products destined to facades, floorings, stairs, solid stones squared or shaped.
   The pieces can remain sawed only, cut from the saw, or they can be filled with cement the big holes for vertical surfaces, or completely for the horizontal surfaces and then honed.
   Other possible finishes are: bush-hammering, sandblasting, brushing, chiselling, and the new water-jet finishings.
   The next step is the finishing of the product, the final control, with the marking of the pieces and the packaging.
   Thanks to the use of CNC machines and specialized manpower we can make shaped pieces for the formation of arches, profiles, columns, and anything else asked for by the Clients.
   In every step of our process we select and check with attention the material, from the block to the finish product, to obtain a good result in all the projects.