Company history



Marini Marmi was founded in 1897 by Giuseppe Marini. Right from its origins our company has extracted and processed stones from its own quarries. From craft work, entirely performed manually with simple tools and gun powder it passed on to industrial production in the thirties by introducing wire machines and drilling with compressed air. In the twenties was built the first factory, with the first gang-saw and two bridge saws, to process the blocks extracted. In the post-war years the company began to export and realized important works, making appreciated our company and our materials in the european stone market. In 1951 was built the new workshop.  
Since 1993 our quarry of Ceppo di Gré was cultivated in underground, reducing the environmental impact and improving the safety. This important investment permitted us to increase production and the quality of the extracted material, thanks to the purchase of new extraction technologies. 
Marini Marmi now at the fourth generation, continues with commitment, professionalism and passion following our traditions, in order to be able to collaborate and grow together with Clients, Designers and Suppliers. 

famiglia giuseppe marini small

1907: Giuseppe Marini family

giuseppe marini
Giuseppe Marini
cav annibale marini small
Cav. Annibale Marini
gianni marini small
Giovanni Marini




i maggio 2006 small

2006 - family photo on I May

From left: Mina Capitanio (the mother), Giulio Marini, the uncle Giuseppe Marini and Giancarlo Marini